Revolutionizing Records Retention


The Future of Global Records Retention

Meticulously crafted, powered by cutting-edge innovation, mosaIQ: Our premier software solution to streamline global records retention.

Our vision for mosaIQ: To be the leading-edge platform for building, maintaining and operationalizing global records retention schedules.

mosaIQ serves as your comprehensive resource for building and maintaining global records retention schedules.

Boasting an always-updated database of recordkeeping and retention mandates spanning nearly 300 jurisdictions, coupled with an extensive toolset to pinpoint your business-specific requirements, mosaIQ ensures that the foundational laws and regulations shaping your policies stay complete and current.

Beyond ensuring that your schedule remains complete and current, mosaIQ also makes it accessible and actionable.

Customized permissions empower administrators while aligning with end-user needs. Intuitive, user-centric controls make navigation within mosaIQ effortless. Adaptive reports make accessing and publishing information straightforward and effective, displaying only the data you need, when you need it.

From its inception, mosaIQ has been envisioned to bolster your information governance strategy as a whole.

Seamless integration with content repositories allows the rules you create in mosaIQ to be propagated throughout your organization. Manage information throughout its entire lifecycle, from inception to disposition. Fortified security and  a comprehensive audit trail ensure the consistency and defensibility that are cornerstones of sound information governance.

Discover the future of records retention with mosaIQ.

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